A. Read and study each of the situations and then try to decide how you would help resolve the problems presented



You go to a school where there is a lot of pressure to achieve a high grade. The situation is further complicated by your demanding parents who expect you to do well. You have a pretty good average over your first three years in high school. You are now in your senior year and in a physics class. The teacher is a little unfair. He has planned a difficult test for you and your classmates. You know from the past experience that 50 percent of the students cheat at their exams. You have studied pretty hard, but you know that unless you cheat, many others will get a higher grade than you. What would you do?


Reasons to cheat (3) Reasons to remain honest (3)

1 _Peer Pressure___________     ___   Goes against morals.

2 _Parents Pressure___________ ___Pride_________

3 _Unstrict teacher_________ ___Guilt________


My decision: On a scale from 1 (most inclined to cheat) to 5 (I will remain honest), I would decide: / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 /



A good friend of yours offers you some drugs in order for you “to get high”. You show an initial unwillingness to take them. He tries to talk you into it by saying that his experience with drugs is that they are fun. Besides, he says, you cannot really hurt anyone but yourself. He further adds that it is nobody’s business but yours whether you take the drug or not. The law and parents should no prevent you from enjoying yourself. Would you take the drug?


                           Reasons to take drugs           Reasons not to take drugs


1 ___Peer Pressure____________                 __Parents__________

               2 ___Thrill____________________ ___Morals________


3 ___Experience_____________ ___Honor____________


My decision: On a scale from 1 (most inclined to take it) to 5 (I will not take the drug), I would decide: / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 /



Your post high school career has taken you into the Air Force. Unfortunately, your country is at war with a separatist group of rebels in a far off town that wants to secede on the basis of their beliefs. You respect the law and believe very much in the values in your constitution. On a particular day, you are ordered to bomb and totally destroy the village where the rebels are hiding. The rebels are a majority there although among them too are many old people and children. The residents do not support the rebels but are silent on account of their fear of the rebels getting back at them. Should you bomb?


Reasons to bomb Reasons not to bomb


1 _____Threat__________________ ____Against Morals____

               2 ____Orders___________________ Destroys other people’s lives

                 3 ____Pressure_______________          __Guilt__________


My decision: On a scale from 1 (most inclined to bomb) to 5 (I will not bomb), I would                       decide: / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 /





  1. SITUATION A: Is cheating ever right? Does the argument “because everyone else is doing it” make it right? Can you think of some consequences for society if morality were based on that argument?


No it is not right to cheat. It does not make it right if everyone else is cheating especially if it is against what one’s morals is. If morality were based on this argument then a consequence may be disorder between community since people may agree on the wrong facts and wrong ideas. Such as, if a lot of people go against traffic rules then it is made right then a ton of accidents may occur and lives may be lost in bunches.


  1. SITUATION B: Would your decision concerning drugs have made a difference if the drug were marijuana? Shabu? Do parents and society have a right to limit your “fun”?

No, I would still not take drugs because it not only endangers one’s life but shortens it. Taking drugs may also bring consequences to others since the side effects of these drugs may cause one to do things that are not safe for others. Yes parents and society have a right to limit my fun since they provide order and guidance towards my being.



  1. SITUATION C: Are we always obliged to follow authority? Where do we draw a line between disobedience to law and conscience?

No we are not obliged to follow authority always since there are times that even the authority commits wrong doings such as corruption seen through the recent pork barrell case. We must think with our head and determine when the authority is right and is wrong. We must be obedient to law always since these laws are usually made for our safety and to allow coexistence amongst the people in a community.


  1. Something is right for me if I think it is right 


[ ____ ] [ ____ ] [ __x__ ] [  ____ ] [ ____ ]

   1    2   3   4  5


  1. Something is right if my intention and feelings are right.

[ ____ ] [ __x__ ] [ ____ ] [ ____ ] [ ____ ]

   1    2   3   4  5


  1. Something is right if others say it is.

[ ____ ] [ ____ ] [ ____ ] [ __x__ ] [ ____ ]

   1    2   3   4  5


  1. A mix of many things


[ ____ ] [ __x__ ] [ ____ ] [ ____ ] [ ____ ]

   1    2   3   4  5



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