The difference between religious reasoning and moral reasoning is that, in religious reasoning, the basis of their reasoning would be on their faith. Moral reasoning on the other hand, is reasoning based on the idea of what is right and wrong, and the good and bad of life. Both these reasoning may contradict one another sometimes yet may also compliment one another at other instances. One instance that they may go together would be when both ideas agree or fit in with both moral and religious beliefs. Both these reasonings compared to others is that both of them are opinion based since, these reasonings usually allow us to have different views and understandings towards it. In my opinion, there is no superior form of reasoning since I find reasoning to be something that is opinionated or based on one’s point of view. For example when a person believes that sacrificing is right since it is what he believes in, and that he could support it with religious reasoning, it is sure that moral reasoning wouldn’t agree with this ideology. It would pretty much go against it which would result to a conflict of agreement and conflicts on ideas.


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