Dihydrogen Monoxide

Dihydrogen Monoxide is basically known as Water or H20. It was actually given a fancier name or made it sound in a ‘deeper’ sense. This article basically is true but gave great emphasis on its negative sides or effects rather than its positive sides. It was also given an ample amount of exaggeration which resulted to a more dramatic effect. I do sort of agree with this article because it does truly show what harm this may do but at the same time I disagree because of how this article expressed how dangerous it really was compared to its true nature. This substance is made with dangerous mixtures which needs trained scientist to handle, which means some of these risks may have been removed through its process. Researching about Dihydrogen Monoxide truly showed that this is a ‘bad’ substance without anything good with it which to be truthful have done pretty much more of bad than good. Despite all these, it was able to help produce fire suppressant materials, styrofoam (which causes global warming) and many more. I do agree that this should be banned but it should not be treated this negatively. The article did not defy and/or balance the pros and cons of this substance and how it may be used for the better. It did not give it potential but showered it with negativity. It showed mostly negative effects of the Dihydrogen Monoxide yet it did not occur to the person writing this article that this was used in a negative way maybe because the people handling or using it had a bad purpose in mind rather than good. To summarize, I would say that this should be banned yet it should be given a chance to stand and have a better fight through better use of this substance.


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