Chemistry HL Group Work Atom Bomb

1. Cover Picture
2. A look at History
The nuclear bomb marked an end to a powerful regime by the Japanese and sparked the growth of the Americans. We feel that the atom bomb should have happened or else even the Philippines or our nation may have been affected by this. After this horrifying incident it pretty much led to peace and the better welfare of the world as one. The point of view of these articles would be from the Americans because we feel that these articles were speaking about the creation and devastation made by the Nuclear bomb. It was also shown that the discovery of the atom bomb may be led by the curiosity and fear of Einstein that the Germans may have found this weapon before they would and use it against them. Which means the atom bomb may have been discovered and made by the Americans and used against the Japanese. If fingers would be pointed for the creation and the aspect of perceiving this bomb it would be pointed at Einstein because practically he was the one who organized these groups and had the ideas to protect and bring peace to the world.3. The Atom- When the atoms of Uranium or any dense element collide causing nuclear fission, the atomic particles break and  they cause the stored potential energy to suddenly release and cause a huge explosion.

4. Moving Forward
It is evident that the atom possesses a great amount of energy. Because of this, it is capable of dealing massive damages to any thing around it. However, this energy can also be used for beneficial reasons. The energy released by nuclear fission can be used as an alternative source of energy. Some scientists also claim that this is a clean energy source because it does not release any toxins. However, possession of this amount of energy can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Another limitation is that Uranium, which is the primary source for nuclear fission, is very rare. Also, if we pursue this, an opportunity cost can be that the money can be spent on researching for other cheaper sources of alternative energy.

5. References


Wilrich Lim

Aldrin Tiu

Miguel Legarda


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