Before this week, I was kind of excited for Saturday because I knew that this would be the last SOP that I will have for this school year. I knew that this would be sort of a celebration and would be something thats unforgettable for the rest of my life. When saturday came, I woke up earlier that usual in order to buy 4 buckets of Jollibee Chicken and some noodles for the family that I was assigned to. When we arrived we were able to spend sometime together, speak and bond together for the last time. After it struck 10am we went to a place wherein all families were able to meet together and what we did was to form a feeding program for the families to eat together and spend time together. We actually did have a big feast and were able to spend the last day of our meeting a great celebration. After we were done with everything, we had a final prayer together and said our final goodbyes. We did have a great time and through this SOP I have learned a lot more. I learned to appreciate my family even more and I also have learned to appreciate the things that I have. This SOP activity has opened my eyes and has helped me open up to different people and to thank God for all the blessings that I have.


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