CLE SOP Reflection #2

This week, my SOP experience was pretty different. We arrived early in Payatas because our teacher said that we would need to be there by 8am. So we arrived around 7:50 and we met with some of our group mates but the rest were kinda late which made us wait for around 30 to 40 minutes under the scorching sun. When the others arrived we immediately started to go to our respective families and spend time with them. This week, our group planned for activities for all the families together. The pinoy henyo wasn’t really fun but the second game was. It was a relay for parents and kids to run around chairs with a balloon between their legs. I could say that they were having so much fun that we were told to stop by the people praying rosary near us inside the Church/Chapel. After this activity we went to the house of our families’ aunt which was bigger and kind of better. There, we ate lunch with them, spoke with them and become closer with them. We were able to have great conversations which made the three of us, group mates, lose track of time. We were able to enjoy and have fun in this trip and were able to experience a different way of life.


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