SOP Week#1

On the first saturday of 2012 I have experienced and bonded with the less fortunate in Payatas, Philippines. Throughout the day, we walked around and see the village that we would be in for the next few weeks. After, we went to our families which we were gonna be assigned to in order to get to know them and become closer with them. We were able to bond and spend time together which helped me learn more about the history of Payatas and the family that I was assigned to. Through this, I felt sad for these people because of what they have gone through and what they are still continually going through. I also felt guilty for taking things granted and for not appreciating fully what I have but through this I have learned to treat all fairly and to appreciate every single thing that I have. This activity may have taken a few hours of sleep away but I am continually learning to adapt in order to help these men and women.


One Response to “SOP Week#1”

  1. The reflection was a good summary of what happened during the first day of payatas, but you could’ve shared more about the day. Furthermore, the self reflection of your experience during the day was also shared clearly.

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