Have you heard of the book “Coraline”? It is very exciting because it is full of excitement, adventure and different experiences. Coraline is the new kid in town who lives in a scary house. She hates her parents because they don’t listen to her nor really care about her. Also, she is full of adventure and she loves to learn new things.

The book is mostly about Coraline entering a new dimension. In the new dimension she met her parents  but the difference is that they had button eyes. They were a lot kinder and gave her everything that she wanted. Near the end her mom turned evil and kept on making her stay in the new dimension so that the button-eyed mom would have a child except her eyes should be made into buttons. Well, if you want to know if she survived or not you have to read the book.

I assure you that the book is wonderful. It would really help you in your literature. It is a book that when you start to read it you would want to finish it and not stop reading it. So, what are you waiting for go now to your nearest bookstore and grab a copy now! WARNING: THIS BOOK MIGHT RUN OUT BECAUSE IT IS ONE OF THE BESTSELLERS AND IT WON TONS OF AWARDS.



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